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Αριθμός μηνυμάτων : 429
Ηλικία : 30
Τόπος : Θεσσαλονίκη - Άνω Τούμπα (95 m)
Registration date : 13/03/2008

ΔημοσίευσηΘέμα: ΧΙΟΝΙ ΣΤΟ ΛΟΝΔΙΝΟ ΕΝ ΜΕΣΩ ΦΘΙΝΟΠΩΡΟΥ!!   Πεμ Οκτ 30, 2008 12:28 am

Και ενώ η περιοχή της Μεσογείου διανύει μία καιρικά αδιάφορη περίοδο, χθες το βράδυ 28/10/2008 έγινε η έκπληξη στο Λονδίνο, όπου και έκαναν την εμφάνισή τους πυκνές νιφάδες χιονιού για πρώτη φορά μετά από 74 ολόκληρα χρόνια...Κάτι που φαντάζει δύσκολο ακόμα και τον χειμώνα λόγω του ωκεάνιου κλίματος της Αγγλίας συνεβη εν μέσω Φθινοπώρου έτσι απλά...Είναι αυτό το φαινόμενο εντελώς συγκυριακό ή μήπως είναι η αρχή ενός πολύ βαρύ χειμώνα..κανείς δεν ξέρει...Η μετεωρολογική κοινότητα απλά παρατηρεί με κομμένη την ανάσα...
Ακολουθούν φωτογραφίες από το χιονισμένο Λονδίνο...

Το κόβεντρι σήμερα το πρωί

Η millenium Bridge πάνω από τον Τάμεση

Το Stevenage χθες το βράδυ

Υπήρξαν και ατυχήματα στο οδικό δίκτυο προς το Μπάκινχαμ

Άποψη από το βόρειο Λονδίνο

Μάλιστα ακυρώθηκε και αγώνας μεταξύ των ομάδων Luton και Bournemout

Το βρεττανικό δελτίο αναφέρει τα παρακάτω...

One man was killed and thousands were left without power today after inches of snow fell across the country overnight. Just
two days after the end of British Summertime, the first snowfall of the
year saw a lorry driver killed when his vehicle collided with another
lorry on the M40 in Buckinghamshire.
Tonnes of lard being carried in one of the lorries was left strewn over all six lanes of the motorway causing long delays. Thousands of homeowners were today without power after high voltage cables were brought down by the night's snowfall.Clusters
of homes in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire were
affected and energy provider EDF said it would work throughout the day to reconnect supplies.
Even London was hit by a light dusting last night - the first time the capital has seen snow in October since 1934. That was the year footballer Stanley Matthews first pulled on an England
jersey, Adolf Hitler became Fuhrer and Alcatraz prison opened its gates off San Francisco.
Other areas of the South-East, including Hertfordshire, just 20 miles out of London, were covered in a thick blanket of snow.Thousandsof homes in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Essex were today without power as the unseasonal weather led to substation problems. The last time it snowed in the region in October was 1974.
Children in Stevenage, Hertfordshire managed to make snowmen and Welwyn Garden City saw two inches of thick snow. Oxford and parts of Bedfordshire were also covered as the weather front swept across the Home Counties. In the Midlands, an area from Herefordshire in the West to Cambridgeshire
in the East was transformed into a Christmas card scene.
It was the first significant snowfall in England since 2003. In some areas, the conditions were so bad that league football matches had to be called off or abandoned after kick-off. Luton's game at home
to Bournemouth was abandoned after just eight minutes and the Wycombe vs Macclesfield match lasted only 23 minutes before the weather closed in. Other games, at Walsall and Northampton, also failed to go ahead. The Met Office said it was extremely unusual for snow to fall in London in October.
A forecaster said: 'It has snowed across the country and many people would have seen a couple of centimetres of snow collecting on top of their cars.' The snow is even more remarkable for October's warm start, with the country basking in a sunny 20c (68f) in the month's early days. The Met Office's John Hammond said: 'October started like summer and is ending like winter.'


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